Legal Documents in Cyprus

Getting Married in Cyprus is perfectly legal provided you produce the correct documentation according to Cyprus Law. You must be a resident for a minimum of 3 working days before the wedding day. It is highly recommended that your stay is for 14 days for your enjoyment but this is not a legal requirement.

Documents Required

UK Citizens

Non UK Citizens



  • It is important that prior to your arrival in Cyprus that all of your legal paperwork is checked. This means that once you arrive in Cyprus and visit the Town Hall to obtain your Marriage Licence everything will be in order. You must remember however to bring all the pre-checked original documents with you. In case of forgotten documentation which may lead to cancellation of the wedding Oceanview Weddings will not be held responsible. To ensure your wedding runs smoothly and to avoid any problems Oceanview Weddings require copies of all the relevant documents at least 6 weeks prior to your arrival
  • In Cyprus ceremonies are held Monday to Friday and are not held on Public Holidays or Sundays. Saturdays are by request only at an extra cost
  • For full legal requirements please contact Oceanview Weddings