Waterworld Water Park

Waterworld waterpark in Ayia Napa is the largest water theme park in Europe. Its theme is based on Greek Mythology. The park boasts a whole range of rides and attractions including:-

The Kamakazi Rides Thunderbolt and Lightening not for the faint hearted but a real adrenalin ride as you thunder down 75 meters of an almost vertical drop.

Drop to Atlantis a three man bullet speeding through the world with light, sounded visual effects the only slide of its kind in the world.

The Fall of Ikarus
a steep hair raising slide climbing towards the sun and diving towards earth over humps and bumps to the pool below.

The Quest of Heracles race against each other through two body flumes the most fearsome ride of your life.

Aeolos Whirlpool spin around and around until you finally splash into a pool below.

Phaethon's Flume multi race and see who is the quickest down 70 meters into the pool.

Apollos Plunge a family raft ride through 124 meters of twists, turns and drops.

Sepentines Slides 150 meters of twists and turns.

Atlantis Activity Pool with rolling logs, lily pads and long slice walks which keeps kids of all ages entertained.

Minataurs Labyrinth climb to the top of the slippery wet bubble with the use of a rope without encountering the fearful Minotaur.

Trojan Aventure an interactive play area including a giant tipping bucket and many other games and activities.

Pegasus Pool which is ideal for small children where they can play with the many soft foam toys.

Poseidons Wave Pool which is equipped with a wave generating system and keeps the entire family bobbing away in one meter swells.

Childrens Playground which is only for children with a maximum height of 1.20m

Zephyrs Breeze a ride with a gentle start which will then propel faster and faster as the winds are released.

River Odyssey for those who want a more relaxing time on the Lazy River.

 All rides are manned by a qualified life guard and there are first aid officers at hand. The health and safety of each visitor is very important to secure a safe and sound environment for all.

 The park also has a wide selection of food and drink facilities.

 The park opens daily May to September 10am to 6pm
April and October 10am to 5pm