Troodos Mountains

Take a trip into the mountains to discover an alternate view of the island. Rising to almost 2,000 meters above sea level, the Troodos peaks provide panoramic scenes to all corners of the island, a cool retreat from the heat of the coast and popular for taking in the healthy mountain air and enjoying nature in all its magnificence.

Troodos is well known for its dense forests and rich mines. It provided copper and timber for the construction of ancient ships of the classical era. In Byzantine times it became a centre for religious art as monks and ordinary folk built and decorated superb churches and monasteries.

Nature has been particularly kind to Troodos.

It is an area of extreme natural beauty throughout the year. There are lots of things to see and do as it is full of fresh air so perfect to escape the summer heat. You can cycle or walk through forests on mountain trails past scented pine and past waterfalls and take in the magnificent panoramic views across the island, visit the village festivals, enjoy the village cuisine or discover the cultural treasure of the UNESCO World Heritage Churches and explore the wine villages renowned for their vineyards and wine.

A number of small wineries welcome visitors on wine tasting tours. There are charming villages some with cobbled streets and preserved folk architecture nestled on terraced slopes amongst the pines or amid vineyards and orchards. If you are lucky you may spot a Cyprus Mouflon a kind of wild sheep native to Cyprus which roams free in the extensive forests and has been used as the symbol for the Island's national carrier.

Birdwatchers may spot the rare and protected eagles or the colourful hoopoe with pink body, black and white crest and a call which can be heard from miles around. Horse riding is a romantic way of enjoying the nature and beauty of the Troodos landscape at a slower pace.

Troodos also boasts a wide range of hotels and traditional houses from basic village accommodation to 4 star hotels.

Between the months of December to March Troodos is a skiing and snowboarding resort.