Scuba Diving

Take advantage of the excellent Cyprus weather where one of the longest dive holiday climates in the world is on offer. The waters surrounding the island are warm and clear with even tides and visibility reaching 30-40 meters. If you have never dived before Cyprus is a wonderful place to experience the initial exhilaration of the underwater world. In safe conditions and under professional supervision learn the basics of breathing underwater.

Visit the underwater remains of ancient archaeological ruins and explore rock gardens encapsulated in sponge. The first divers collected sponges off the southern coast of Cyprus. Both certified and amateur scuba divers with varied ranges of experience and varied cultural backgrounds are at home in the sparkling clear Mediterranean dive sites. Introductory daily instruction as well as intermediate level diving courses which meet the highest international standards are available.

Trips, lessons, tuition, guides and equipment for scuba or snorkeling are offered for all levels of experience and can be easily arranged where you reside. All diving centers can provide all required instruction and equipment depending upon your level of diving expertise. Experience the thrill of the deep!