Sun, wind, sea and a host of sensations. Experience the adventure of taming the waves on the coasts of Cyprus, and you?ll discover why it?s one of the best places in the world for watersports.  Each new day brings fun, thrills and excitement on Cyprus beaches.  Play with the wind. Master the waves. Fly over the sea. Experience total freedom on the water.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Among the many things to do are PARAGLIDING where you feel the freedom of flying high up to 600 feet in the air experiencing complete peace and tranquility floating over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. This can be enjoyed by the whole family young and old there is no age limit.  You can enjoy a single, double or triple trip the choice is yours. The takeoffs and landings from the Parasail boat are very gentle and with the upmost of safety. JET-SKIING whether you have the need for speed or simply want a leisurely cruise jet skiing provides the most fun out on the ocean.  It is a wonderful experience either alone or with somebody speeding across the clear blue sea.  This can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults.  If you have never jet-skied before don?t despair it is easy to learn and you will be taught all the safety instructions that are needed to be know in order for you to enjoy a safe and care free experience. BANANA BOAT bounce around with your family and friends on this inflatable banana shaped tube which is towed by a boat which will attempt to flip you upside down by doing sharp turns.  The ride will finish when you have had enough! The bananas can seat from 2 to 10 people.  It is safe and suitable for everyone as all riders have to wear life jackets. FLY FISH the ultimate rollercoaster on water experience being pulled along by a boat and when the speed increased the fish will fly high and launch you in the air.  Suitable for all ages including children. Life jackets are a must. CRAZY UFO get comfortable you are in for a relaxing experience SO WRONG! You are going to get bounced all over the place and hold on for dear life and try and stay out of the water. A truly unforgettable experience which should be enjoyed with family and friends. SPEED BOAT RENTALS there are a wide range of boats available with various speeds for you to explore the coastline by yourself or with your family and friends.  WATER SKIING AND WAKEBOARDING to be enjoyed by the professional do not fear if you are a beginner you will not miss out as Professional Instructors are on hand.  For the quieter adventure why not hire a PEDLOE OR CANOE and enjoy the quiet waters and soft breeze passing the time till sunset.

There is certainly plenty for everyone to enjoy with Cyprus Watersports.