1. Is our wedding legal?

Yes your wedding in Cyprus is Legal and recognized by UK Law

2. What are the costs?

The current wedding licence fee is 281.92Euros plus there will be an additional fee depending on which venue is chosen (please see our venues page)

3. What Documentation do we need?

Please see our legalities page

4. Do we need witnesses?

Yes you will need two adult witnesses aged 18 and over (please see our legalities page)

5. Can we choose the date and time of our wedding?

Yes you can but these are subject to availability. Wedding are generally held Monday to Fridays. Saturdays on request at an extra cost

6. How far in advance should I plan my wedding?

There is no hard and fast rule but we recommend that you start planning as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and to meet the criteria of the documentation required

7. Will the Ceremony be held in English?

Yes all ceremonies are conducted in English